The #WRUWGirl’s Guide to Making Your Tights Last This Fall

Each fall, we live for the day’s where we can bring out our skirts and dresses and pray to the fashion God’s that the weather will permit us to wear them all the time. However, given the weather, the real struggle comes in the form of tights. Sometimes we wear them to stay warm, while other times we add them to our outfits for an extra accessory. No matter why we wear them, we all know they can be a pain because they rip so easily. Below, find the best tips on how to maintain your tights and look good at all times. 

The first tip you can use if your tights rip while you are out and can’t change is; you can apply nail polish over the hole so it won’t get any bigger. Another way is to hairspray the rip so it won’t run anymore. The hairspray will cause your tights to tighten, avoiding a major run, which can lead to even bigger rips. These are great ways if you are in a hurry or if you carry hairspray and nail polish in your bag.

Another way to protect your tights is during the buying process. When shopping for tights, you’ll want to make sure the denier count is higher. The higher the count, the thicker your tights and less chance to experience a rip. Luckily H&M sells them for a great price so you don’t have to buy an expensive brand to have a high denier count. Additionally, ensuring you put lotion on your legs before you put on your tights will help them go on easier and better avoid a rip, as you put them on.

I’ve found that the best way to make sure your tights stay unscathed is by putting them in the freezer! In order to successfully freeze your tights and avoid rips, you’ll want to run them under water and then stick them in the freezer. Let them sit overnight, and take them out the next morning to thaw. You only have to do this once. The point of putting them in extreme cold is because it helps make your tights stronger and thicker. Meaning, they are less likely to rip and will last longer throughout the cold season.

Written by: Amberly Smith