Calling All ’90s Kids: There’s Now A Polly Pocket Purse

If you grew up in the ’90s, more than likely you came across the magical Polly Pocket. Polly was anything but a basic b**tch, and had amazing homes, including a castle – because why not.

You would look totally creepy if you pulled out a Polly Pocket toy as an adult, so they came up with a way to channel your inner 90’s by creating a Polly Pocket crossbody bag.


Truffle Shuffle, who are known for their cool designs for television shoes like Friends and Dr. Who, made a heart-shaped handbag – and yes, it even includes a home and doll. 

The purse is available on June 23, but you can preorder it now. Even better news? The bag only costs $49, so you can have a piece of your childhood without breaking the bank. Shop it here, now. Want more of your favorite 90s beauty products? See what Bath & Body Works is bringing back.