These Are The Latest Kylie Jenner Pregnancy Conspiracies & You Need To Read Them Now

Seriously, when will Kylie Jenner show off her baby bump?

We’re even grossed out that we even care – but we know so are all you, so let’s just keep it going. We don’t know where Kylie Jenner is hiding, but we know she’s doing a damn good job at it. The closest clue we have received is the leaked photo of a woman who looks like Kylie and has a full bump during her bff Jordyn’s b-day. Because there’s so much out there … we rounded up the most important or craziest ones out there – so you can stop searching and simply head to WRUW – check them out.

Kylie Jenner had the baby last week. This rumor began when Travis Scott snapped this photo – making everyone assume Kylie was heading into labor. TMZ reported: “Kylie isn’t due this month, and she hasn’t gone into premature labor. Rumors began heating up Friday that Kylie had checked into Cedars-Sinai in L.A. — where all the other Kardashian sisters gave birth — but we’re told it’s definitely not true.”

However, fans aren’t buying it – stating, “A source has confirmed to me that Kylie Jenner is indeed at the hospital. Working to get you information on whether she’s in labor, there to tour the hospital before giving birth, or something unrelated.” Only time will tell!

It’s a girl. Everyone pretty much who is an anyone is agreeing with this – and if we’re all wrong then Kylie knew exactly what she was doing. The only posts Kylie has posted lately entail pink – even creating an entire pink Christmas tree … coincidence … we say not. Did we mention we think KUWTK have been dropping hints – including pink donuts Kylie sent Kourtney.

She’s not pregnant – but received botched plastic surgery and is waiting for it to heal. Alright, this is pretty far fetched … but then again, so was Kylie totally lying about her lips. Some fans think that Kylie is MIA because of a plastic surgery or butt job gone wrong – if this is true  – it’s totally fixed by now because Khloe showed off her sister in her Christmas post – unless she did something below – we’ll never say never when it comes to the Kardashians.

She’s Kim’s surrogate. This could make perfect sense – Kylie and Kim are helping each other out in a huge way by having Kylie as a surrogate. Afterall, all the pregnancies were announced at the same time and if you can’t trust your sister, who can you trust?

She’s Khloe’s surrogate. See above – except Khloe. Sure, Khloe has been spotted with a bump – but it’s easy to fake that – and people were blown away that Khloe didn’t show off her face during her annoucement.

She’s not pregnant and needed a big break from the celeb world. Kylie has talked on repeat about how she feels she can’t be herself and is over the celebrity world. Did she just need a mental health break – we’ve been there, girl.

Okay, but seriously – can we know, yet? Stay tuned with WRUW for the latest Kylie news.