These Classic Celebrity Trends Aren’t Going Anywhere For 2018

It’s time to get a little retro, shall we?

While we revel in the success of Adidas and other fashion houses, it is time we took a look at some of the beauty and fashion trends that have stuck around this year.

Military Prints

There have been a lot of people who got inspiration from various military gears such as army jackets, cargo pants, and camouflage clothing that you can buy from souq ksa. These trends are unisex and both women and men have been known to embrace them. Nearly everyone has been known to dress uniformly these days, including celebrities. Virtually every brand, including Dolce and Gabanna, Gucci, Burberry, Givenchy, and much more have launched various campaigns and they’ve been in the act of using celebrities as faces of these campaigns Hollywood definitely caught whiff of that and ever since,, military fashion seems to have been a thing.

Bell-bottomed Trousers

Bell-bottomed pants made a grand entry into the fashion market in the 70s and ever since then, they’ve been rocked by a plethora of people. People might be rocking more of skinny trousers in today’s world, but the trend of bell bottoms definitely will not be going anywhere. Celebrities have been known to don bell bottoms for a very long time, and they don’t seem to be slowing down. Whether simple bell-bottomed pants, jumpsuits, or palazzo pants, you can sure find one being rocked by an A-lister anytime, any day.

Animal Prints

In the past, people used tiger and leopard skins to make warm clothes. These exotic patterns were made into a trend many years ago, especially due to celebrities like Marilyn Monroe, who took the trend and turned it into a fashion statement that was nothing sort of glamorous and although there have been protests about the treatment being meted out to the animals from which these materials are gotten, the trend of animal prints still is in full force for sure.

Skull Rings

Skull rings have been around for quite a while. They have always been famous, especially because they give men the ability to wear rings without necessarily carrying the feminine trends. Skull rings are worn by sportsmen, especially by bikers and riders. Hollywood also got the attention of this trend, and a lot of male celebrities were known to don them, even though they were usually worn by those of the gothic culture

Plaid Shirts

When talking about timeless and evergreen fashion trends, you definitely can’t ignore the plaid shirt. Basically, the only change with these shirts is the type of material that is used to make them. Back in the day, only cotton was used, unlike right now when we have many other materials making for awesome plaid designs. Worn by many celebrities in the past, plaid shirts exemplify the term ‘evergreen’ o the highest degree.


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