These Feather Dresses Are Amaze As Beyonce’s Latest Instagram Post & Fit Into Your Xmas Budget

Beyonce is getting into the holiday spirit with her Instagram – and we can’t wait to see more. Her latest? A three photo spread in a sultry and sexy feather, tasseled outfit.

Just when we think her last photo can’t get better – she proves us wrong. While it’s too soon to know where she was going and what she was doing – we can only assume it’s some kind of holiday party. Other recent posts blew us away when she wore her natural hair in a glittery dress.

“Yessss so this [is] her real hair! It grew back so luscious and full!!!,” someone wrote.

“Y’all it’s not hard to believe. She’s worn weave for years for protective styling which helps growth. Plus during pregnancy a woman’s hair and nails are [known to] grow at a fast rate,” another added.

We can’t get enough of her hair, and we definitely can’t get enough of the feathers – except one problem. While we’d love to have a fun getup like hers for the holidays – our budget is tighter than ever due to gifts for friends and fam (we know, the struggle is real). Luckily, we found some dirt cheap options that are just as amazing and just as boujee looking – hey, sometimes you just need to gift yourself. Check them out below and get your own Instagram ready.

Grey feather bottom multi way dress, $85

Fancy feather top dress, $68

Silver sequin bodycon dress, $119

Tassel dress, $53.55

Feather bardot dress, $60

Grey tassel dress, $85