These Lisa Frank Shoes Are Amaze So Of Course There’s A Catch

Lisa Frank’s return has made our 90s kid’s heart so much better.

The brand teamed up with Reebok to make the perfect sneaker that includes so many memories from the past. Of course, they contain the iconi animals, rainbow print and sparkly sequin.

Sadly enough, we can’t all have them … The collab has only created two (yes you read that right, ONLY TWO), pairs. One adult, and one child size.

In order to win one of the pairs, you must tweet an old back-to-school style trend to @ReebokClassics and @LisaFrank. Sounds easy enough, right?

“I’ve always been a sneaker girl and I’m forever on the lookout for fun new styles,” said the designer.

We hope it’s such a success, that she rethinks the collab and makes more for the public – because we seriously, need a pair.

“Rainbow colors and fantasy characters never go out of style,” she explained.  90’s kids have such fond memories of their childhood and want to share their joy and excitement with their friends, families and coworkers.”

And we couldn’t agree more.