These Shoes Almost Top Rihanna’s Plastic Wrap Heels

Rihanna wore plastic wrap shoes … so we wore plastic wrap shoes.

A few days ago, Riri went out in public wearing a heel that appeared to have a bag over it. We thought maybe she had just gotten one of those amazing and super fancy pedi’s that saran your feet up, but we were wrong – they were actual fashion.

The kicks are from the brand Off-White in collab with Jimmy Choo, and were recently spotted on the runway – if there’s anyone who can pull off a plastic bag at their feet – it’s queen Rihanna.

She paired it with the obvious – a plastic bag, making plastic look fantastic. We really wanted to lather some lotion on and sport these (so we’d have crazy silky feet), so we searched high and low for similar heels for less, but no luck. However, there are plenty out there that are just as eye-catching – well, almost. Check them out below, let the feet sweats begin, and shop them now.


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