Thinking About A Lash Lift? Here’s What You Need To Know

Lash lifts are the new lash extension … but how safe is it? 

If you haven’t heard of a lash lift yet, you totally need to up your game. Say goodbye to extensions which can ruin your natural lashes – lash lifts are the latest and greatest beauty trick. What exactly is one? It’s putting pads under your eyelids and eyes and applying keratin to your lashes. Usually it takes from a half hour to an hour and a half to achieve long and dark eyelashes that instantly give you a flirty look. Unlike extensions, you can wear makeup and go about your normal activities.

It costs you from $100-$200 and last you about six to twelve weeks. Sounds good enough, right? But what are the actual dangers? According to experts, there are risks of allergic reactions. If you are prone to eye infections, inflammation or dermatitis, you should proceed with caution – or better yet, skip out and stick to an amazing mascara. Some salons create their own formulas, meaning doctors and experts have no idea what is actually doing the lifting.

Our vote? It sounds a little scary and we’d rather stick to our badass mascara – especially since we all here have gotten some kind of eye infection from a product. But the choice is yours. We advise you to go to your eye doctor and get the real 411, as shorter lashes may have more problems than naturally long lashes. -Would you be willing to do a eyelash lift?!