This Bride Tells What Kept Her Sane During Her Wedding Planning

I have met some bridezillas and I have heard endless stories of bridezillas from others. What is in that engagement water!? Which got me wondering about some of my chillest brides I met. What makes wedding planning for each bride, and how can some stay so relaxed for their big day. I dug right to the source – a friend of mine who was the most laid-back bride I have ever seen. I can only imagine how non nonchalant she was.

Kept my hormones in check .

A lot of brides go off their birth control during wedding planning. This is a personal choice among anyone, and I’m not saying it’s a bad choice. However, I know for me, I needed to stay on it. As much as I wanted to make a baby ASAP, I know my hormones. When I get my period, I cry when I see a cute puppy. For me, I knew that if I went off my birth control close to my wedding I’d be a hot mess. Most likely I would have gained anxiety, been a total bi*ch and had my snapping moments. Remaining on my birth control is what I think that really helped me keep, well, sane.

I realized it was about a good time and feeling the love.

A massive and stunning wedding was initially my dream. One with expensive AF stuff. But after my friends threw me a surprise engagement party, I quickly realized how much love you feel during this time. I put my mindset into realizing that it wasn’t the wedding planning and items that make my day, it was the friends and family there with you – and my groom, of course. I think brides stress themselves out TBH. If you want to put your heart and soul into it, go for it. But I hear SO many brides say they can’t wait for it to be over. I think that’s really sad. Being engaged was one of the best and exciting times for us.

I did what I wanted – and if others didn’t like it, I let them do whatever the heck they wanted.

It was my day. I didn’t want people’s opinions. What I wanted was what I wanted, and I think that saved a lot of headaches. The only people who went dress shopping with were my immediate family members. This is also a more personal choice on my end, but it’s what made me happy. I also realized telling my bridesmaids they must get a certain pair of shoes, nail color or necklace was just too much.

Sure, I had guidelines, but I finally started saying, “Do whatever,” and it got a little easier. I also knew during wedding planning my priority that day would be having a blast and being with my man. So when things like the seating chart got complicated, I would throw up the flag – because at the end of it – I can tell you I did not GAF about the seating chart or what went on at those tables.

I didn’t press people to show up.

I think it’s crazy when people expect you to be at their engagement parties, bridal showers, bachelorette parties AND wedding. I’m sorry, but people have lives. If someone threw me one, I was grateful and didn’t care who was there. I think we all need to be accepting of people’s times more than ever today. Getting mad at your friend because she can’t come isn’t worth it, don’t sweat the small stuff. It’s better to be appreciative of the people who did invest their time that day for you and make sure you show that to them.

I got all the bookings out of the way at once.

Right away I booked a place, flowers, photographer, DJ, caterer, etc. And if I found one I liked, just like your dress or SO, you stop looking. Stop seeing what else is out there, because time is literally money when it comes to these bookings and they go faster than you think! Book the important things ASAP, and figure out the tiny details later on. You don’t need to know what flowers you’re having before picking a florist, You don’t need a song list before getting your music. Wedding planning doesn’t need to be hard. Just do it and you’ll be glad you got it out of the way.

By Staci Wuokko