This Celeb Is Making A Glitter Lipstick That Will Stay On Basically Forever

Colorful and glitter lipstick is haute. But we all know how embarrassing it is when it rubs off your pucker and it looks like you just ate a magical creature. Luckily, this celeb heard our sparkling cries and created a new glitter liquid lipstick that reportedly lasts for hours.

Kat Von D announced that her amazing Kat Von D Beauty line created Everlasting Glimmer Veil liquid lipsticks. So what makes it different? The liquid remains shiny and glittery, but doesn’t leave a glossy residue – meaning everytime your hair blows in the wind it won’t get covered with bright colors and sparkles. Where was this during Lollapalooza?!

The best part? It claims it stays on from day to night, meaning it’ll stay put and flawless no matter how many glasses of rose you sip on at brunch. The collection has nine colors including Wizard, a smoky charcoal; Reverb, a beautiful blue; Satellite, a strong teal; Televator, a gorgeous purple; Razzle and Shockful, two neon pinks with different undertones; Dazzle, a sparkly red; Rocker, a cool orange; and Thunderstruck, a metallic gold.

Reverb is available today, and the remaining colors come out on August 22. Mark your calendars down because we know these are going to fly off the shelves in the stores and our online carts.