This Fall Staple Just Got A Whole Lot More Fun & Colorful

This trend is staying around for yet another season – but it’s gotten a sexy fun upgrade.

Thigh high boots are no longer coming in neutral, totally blah shades. Celebs are ditching their black pairs for vibrant colors like orange, purple and red. Not only are the boring colors taking a backseat, but also, silky satin is replacing loads of fabrics, meaning your legs look longer and hotter than they ever have. We first saw the trend pick up when Kylie Jenner sported a purple pair, and even Taylor Swift had them in her most recent video.

But that’s not the only good news! They’re taking new heights and going as high as they can on your sexy thighs. Sure, it totally sucks to take off after a night of one too many shots, and you may need your BFF’s help, but you will have at least been one of the most stylish people out on the town. Check out some of our favorites below, and grab yourself a pair now!


Satin Over The Knee Boots, $68


Kindy Over Knee Boots $98

Orange Satin Waist Boots, $80.99

That’s Rich Over The Knee Boot, (Sale Price, $35)