This Fashion Show Has Been The Best So Far & It’s Not Because It Included Cheetos

Brilliant, beyond brilliant.

Chromat is taking things up a notch – and we can’t get enough. The line delivered body-diverse cast of models down the catwalk wearing tight dresses, swimwear and more. And when we say a diverse group, we mean a beautiful, gorgeous DIVERSE group. One model had a prosthetic leg that was designed to look like a skeleton, while wearing a neoprene flirty dress.  Every model was different from shape, size and race – and each one was stunning.

And unlike the typical show where a model has to be serious and act like they DGAF (seriously, how do they keep a straight face?), Chromat’s models were all about the fun – which suited with the theme of “joy and escape.”

But what do you really need when you’re trying to have joy and escape life? Cheetos- duh.  Models skipped the purses and instead walked with bags of Hot Cheetos in a lively audience. Of course, the crowd went wild, making fashion fun again. Chromat went to prove that a show doesn’t need to keep old fashion standards and that the majority of people want to see real women! Bravo!

Check out the fun from the show below.