This Is Probs The Only Off-White Label Accessory You Can Legit Afford

This season, your sunglasses are getting smaller, but the statement they’re giving off is huge. We’re talking about tiny and thing, matrix style shades. However, the struggle to find a pair that isn’t over $300 has been real – and we don’t want to invest too much mula into a trend.

Luckily for us, Off-White has teamed up with Sunglass Hut to give us the hottest trend – but more importantly – for a fair price of under $200. F. Yes.

We’ve also seen the look all over our favorite Instagram influencers – if they’re into fashion as much as us, most likely they’ve already posted up a photo wearing these delicate frames. We have to admit, the 90s  lenses give you a more mysterious persona than your everyday glasses, making you want to leave them on even when you’re indoors.

The key to pulling off the matrix style specs? Keep your outfit edgy and your makeup on the simple side. Ready to add the look to your sunglasses collection (hey, you can never have enough)? Check out the sunglass collab below, which you can shop and buy March 20.