This Kind Of Skirt Is Perfect For Dartying In The Fall & These Celebs Prove It

Sometimes, dartying (day-partying) is even better in the fall than summer.

There’s football games, the perfect weather, college besties and so much more. But what exactly is the best outfit when it’s high temps still in fall? The knee-length denim skirt, duh.

If we could, we’d wear a it every day. It’s the perfect piece for dartying because it looks like you tried, but didn’t try to hard – if you know what we mean. It’s super versatile meaning you can go from football game to night bar without worrying you are too dressy, or not dressed up enough.


Okay Serayah, we see you building that empire in the fashion world. This is a perfect example by the actress of effortlessly chic. Throw on a leather or bomber, and you’re all set for a day of brunch, house parties or bar hopping in fall.

Karlie Kloss knows how to keep it 100p all the time – even when she’s off duty. She goes low key with her denim skirt by pairing it with a white tee. Ditch the loafers for some booties or sneakers and you have the perfect day time look.

Denim on denim sounds crazy, but trust us, it’s not. Either wear a light color wash on the bottom and a dark on top, or a dark denim on bottom and a lighter wash on bottom. Trust us, there’s nothing more fall than a Canadian-Tuxedo. Whether it’s a jean jacket or a denim button-down, we can promise you’ll look good to go for a day full of drinks just like Kylie. We love the way she matched our fav fall booties with it, and it’d look just as great with a pair of converse, Vans, ADIDAS or Nikes.

Kendall Jenner can make anything look good – including a midi jean skirt. Balancing is key when it comes to styling. Mix a super feminime top with a ripped jean skirt to balance out one another, creating one ultra chic look like Kenadall’s.

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