This Latest Fashion Trend Will Totally Distract You From Viral People Eating Tide Pods

While neutrals have taken over the last few years, a new lovely and chill color is about to be the next big thing.

While red continues to be on fire, the latest hue we can’t get enough of isn’t as vibrant or bold – in fact, it’s calming AF. We’re talking about lavendar, and if you don’t already own the color, you better hurry up and get out there. It’s about to take over everything – and we mean, everything. From hair and makeup to coats and booties, purple is about to grace itself wherever it can. Do you not remember Rihanna’s IG post that featured her in the color from head to toe? It’s also the color of royalty, so you’ll be a bad a** queen rocking it.

The trend is the perfect way to add that something to our black dominant wardrobe, plus it looks good on everyone so you don’t need to be afraid to give it a try.

Check out some of our fav looks below, and hit the stores now to reload your violet wardrobe.