This Makeup Trend Will Be Everywhere Come Coachella

We thought we would never see the day, but we were wrong. Blue has replaced our nude and boring makeup palettes, surprisingly creating a glamorous look. No, we aren’t talking about that 80s style you see in all your old favorite movies. We are talking about something sleeker, sexier and way more dope.

Celebrities have already been trying out the trend, which looks amazing on all skin and eye colors. It brightens baby blues, and makes dark eyes even richer. It’s as bold as it is delicate. It’s just enough to give a stunning glow, but not too much where you look like a clown. Don’t believe us? Designers brands including Missoni, Tadashi Shoji and Oscar de la Renta were just a few that featured it on their runways in different trendy ways.


How exactly do you pull off this look? The trick is to keep it simple.

We rounded up our favorite ways to go blue, so you can get inspired. Check them out below.