This New Trend Is So Easy To Style And Look Like A Million Bucks It’s Stupid

Whether you wake up late, you’re hungover or just don’t feel like taking the time to get ready – this trend-worthy piece is a go-to for all situations – especially when it’s hot af in the summer.

WTF are we talking about? Culotte jumpsuits. Trust us – you can roll out of bed, whip one on, and head out the door and the compliments will roll in – and you prob took five minutes to get ready. They also are great when we are feeling bloated or are dartying because the majority of them have zero buttons and are super cozy and give you freedom. Whether you are going to a formal event and are simply tired of a dress and want to make a big statement, or are struggling to get to Sunday brunch, there is one  for you.

The runways particularly pointed out that utilitarian style is making a strong comeback. You can wear it with heels or sneakers, and you can mix and match it with your fav pieces if you do actually want to take time to get ready. The best part is it comes in different fabrics giving off different vibes from denim to silk. We rounded up some of our fav styled looks so we can do all the hard work for you.