This Trend Is The Best Break Look To Fill Them Up With Regret

Sometimes revenge is best served up haute. The latest blouse trend is the sh*t, and it makes us want to move and dance all night long.

We are talking about the latest Spanish mixed with 70’s era  vibe top – the tie front blouse. We don’t know why, but when wearing the ruffled and flowy style, it automatically makes us feel more powerful and sexy AF. Seriously, if you just went through a massive break up – this is the top that is totes going to make them fill with regret. Whether you get in floral and bright colors, or bell and extra sleeve styles, you can’t go wrong with this look.

It’s elegant, and super girly, yet still edgy if you want it to be. Got a 6 pack to show off and be proud of? Opt for a crop top style! Don’t feel like buying the piece? Make your own by tying up a button-down. It’s the perfect broke-girl essential.

Grab a blouse and wear it to work and spice up your 9-5 wardrobe by tucking it in a high waisted pencil skirt, get a fancy version for date night. No matter which look you prefer, there’s a dope one out there for everyone. The best part? They can vary in price point – find it at a local Forever 21 or Bloomingdale’s – they’re so hot they can be found at just about any store. We gathered our favorite looks with the trend so you can be inspired and create your own#ootd.