Thoughts Every Girl Has When Dressing For A Date

Whether it’s your first date or sixth date, dressing up to go out can be a real struggle. Luckily, you’re not alone. See what almost every girl goes through while getting ready for the big moment.

I seriously don’t know what to wear, nor do I have anything to wear.

Let your friends help you out on this one! Ask them what they like to see you in and what’s right for the occasion.

I had a great hair yesterday, why’s it doing this to me today!?

Of course it was perfect yesterday – when you had nothing going on. Stay confident, don’t stress out and let your hair down (no pun intended).

Do I need to wear sexy undergarments?

Hey, you’d rather be safe than sorry…

What if this isn’t their style?

Who cares, it’s your style! Wear what you want to wear, while looking your best. Be you and if that isn’t enough, they weren’t good enough for you to begin with.

Yup, definately haven’t shaved my legs in sometime, where’s my razor?

There’s no better time than now?

I need to stop looking in the mirror, so I don’t keep changing.

Find something and stick with it. If you keep searching, you’ll only stress yourself out more – trust us.

Once I start eating, will these bottoms look too tight?

Food babies and bloating happen to the best of us.

OMG, I just sprayed way too much perfume on me.

By the time you get there, it’ll fade off!

Do these shoes make me look like I’m trying too hard … do these shoes make me look like I’m not trying hard enough?

Go with whatever goes with your outfit.

OMG, I forgot to do my nails. Definately going to be late.

Sometimes you gotta sit back and polish up.