Throw Some Shade: Yellow Sunglasses Are Taking Over

This summer, your sunglasses are learning to match the sunshine. We’re talking about yellow shades. Bella Hadid brought the retro look onto the streets, and now, we can’t get enough.

Whether you want a ’70s-vibe with aviators or a ‘90s-style with smaller frames, the possibilities are endless. We have to admit, the yellow lenses give you a more mysterious persona than your everyday glasses, making you want to leave them on even when you’re indoors.

The boss-girl look is so popular, all our favorite brands have created versions showcasing the canary hue. From Ray Bans and Quay to Chloe and Louis Vuitton, designers made sure to have the sunny shades in their collection.

The key to pulling off the golden specs? Keep your outfit edgy and your makeup on the simple side. Ready to add the look to your sunglass collection (hey, you can never have enough)? Here are some of our favs you can shop now.

Quay Australia Sahara, $65

Sunny Rebel Sunglasses, $19.97


Mirror Clubmaster Frame, $299


Full Tilt Dilon Sunglasses, $9.99

Oakley Moonlighter at 6pm, $59.99