You Can Go On This Replicate Version Of The Titanic In 2022 … But Like, Why?

In 2022, the Titanic II will set sail. You know, if something falls down the first time, get back up again right? Okay, our anxiety is at an all high RN. This just screams terrifying.

Let’s start with the first creepiness on the fact that someone wanted to recreate this? We don’t need another Titanic movie if something goes wrong like the first second one – no one will ever beat Leo and Kate! But … any ways …

Billionaire Clive Palmer created the Titanic II in order to create some history. His plan started back in 2012, then it got pushed back to 2016. But here’s where a LARGE SIGN came out from the universe saying please stop. First there was a financial dispute, and then, the project randomly appeared back six years  later for the push … or should we say … sail.

In the first plan, the Titanic II was going to go from Southampton to New York as the first one. However, now the Titanic II is traveling from Dubai to Southampton, in addition to the Southampton to New York route.

The giant ship cost $500 million, and we’re hoping it has a lot more life jackets and safety boats than the first? It features the same layout and 840 rooms and nine decks. Even the dining rooms and grand staircase will be the same. Once again, I state this is CREEPY.

You can even choose which class you are in – First, Second or Third. That’s weird AF … but maybe you’ll find your Jack or Rose on this ship. Maybe they should change the entire idea around a Tinder / Bumble boat? Find your Rose and Jack kind of marketing?The boat will have 2,400 passengers and 900 crew members. So, plenty of chances to mingle?

I would hope that the plan for a sinking ship is not a replicate, and that they stay clear of icebergs.

Learn more about the ship on Blue Star Line’s website. What’s your opinion on the copy version? Tell us below!