Topshop Finally Explains WTF They Made See-Through Jeans

Topshop has been stirring up our emotional shopping thoughts the entire year. From barely existing crop tops to clear pockets, we’ve been constantly left saying, “but whyyyyy.” When they released their see-through jeans, we almost completely lost it. But our clothing anxiety can finally calm down, because Elle magazine reached out to the creative team to finally find out why on earth they would create these crazy $100 bottoms.

“We want to disrupt. We want to do something that will get people talking. It’s a positive thing. Debate and discussion is a positive thing, and we have our customers coming to our site as a result of that,”  Moe Riach told Elle. “We love to give people a reason to buy something new in this saturated market. We know we are confident and only go forward with things we believe in and we know our customers will adopt, so we don’t question it too much.”

There’s no question there was a debate. Social media flooded with comments about the pants ,,, or should we say, lack of?

Since vinyl material was such a trend this past season. Riach thought they should take it to the next level. “We have done a lot of clear mattes in the past and they’ve been really successful so it’s like taking those trends and trying them out with denim,” she explained. “Our customers are very early adopters who like to experiment and we like to give them things they can experiment with. It was just a small limited edition run for the kind of early adopters we want to appeal to.”

We still aren’t exactly sure what clear denim means, but it looks like it’s only a matter of time until Topshop releases their next jaw-dropping piece. And we have to admit, we’re kind of excited to see what it could be!

(Ps, did anyone buy these? If so PLEASE reach out to us and show us how you styled them!)