Turtleneck Sweaters: 5 Reasons Why You Need Them For Fall

Turtleneck sweaters don’t have the greatest rep these days. They’re usually seen as not very sexy and more Mr. Rogers than dope. But WRUW is here to tell you this is false AF.
Turtleneck sweaters are what every one of us need in our closet for the upcoming cold months. Here are five simple reasons on why.

 1. They are perfect for layering.
Layering is one of the hottest looks right now, but if done incorrectly, you can look like a kid in a snowsuit compared to runway trendy. Sweater turtlenecks are perfect for putting under a coat, jacket, romper, dress and so on. Choose a bright color or keep it neutral, it doesn’t matter. You’ll keep warm while looking flawless.

 2. They’re mysterious.
We know, you’re thinking “WTF?” But hear us out. When you’re wearing a turtleneck you’re concealing a lot while looking simplistically chic. As a result, you look mysterious and people naturally want to get to know you more. A thinner bodysuit version with jeans or a corduroy skirt and high-heeled booties is perfect for date night or your career.

 3. They’re french-girl-and-boy approved.
If there’s one thing thing we are confident about, it’s that the French know their fashion. A turtleneck is one of the culture’s go-to when it comes to getting dress. Why? Because all the reasons we are listing here. Turtlenecks aren’t for Grandma’s, they’re for the fashionable people! Check out any PFW street style and you’ll quickly find the look.

 4. They were all over the runways.
Not only were they all over the streets of Paris, but they were also on the runways. You could find them in the Spring 2019 shows of Dior, Gucci and Jacquemus just to name a few. It’s going to be big, so get on it now while it’s cold.

 5. It’s a classic.
Turtlenecks are a classic staple piece you HAVE to have in your closet. First off, they look amazing with tight skinny jeans as well as overflowing maxi skirts, so its versatility is endless. They can do no wrong and can complement any piece. Additionally, they are cozy AF, so why not look good and feel like you’re wearing your PJ’s at the same time?

Finally, if you are looking to shop for one, we totally recommend hitting Zara or Urban Outfitters. You can pretty much find them anywhere from low key cheap to expensive designer. Don’t believe us yet? Check out some of the best looks of turtleneck sweaters and get shopping now.

(Harpers Bazaar)