Ultimate Father’s Day Gift Guide

Get your coffee before work; check. Get your nails done before the weekend; appointment made. Prep your healthy meals for the rest of the week; groceries bought. Get your dad his Father’s Day gift; you’ve always been the forgetful daughter. With Father’s Day quickly approaching and a dozen things on your to do list, we’ve made your dad’s gift registry for him! So whether you’re sipping your coffee at work, at the nail salon, or making your weekly meals at home, you can scroll through our dad registry and find the perfect gift before the weekend!


1. The Tie Bar  2. Beats by Dre  3. Williams Sonoma  4. FitBit  5. SPARQ

6. Jack Spade  7. Burberry  8. Dolce & Gabbana  9. Dollar Shave Club 10. Etsy