Unlocking Paris: Best Instagram Photo Locations

After watching the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, we’re sure you are aching to go to the fashion capital of the world, and shamelessly, take a few Instagram photos. WRUW was able to make a stop in the magical city to experience all things fashion, food, and of course, some touristy spots here and there. Grab your passport, because we rounded up some of our favorite fashionista must-go-to spots that’ll make you Instagood. Check them out below.

Hotel Costes

If you’re looking for celebs, this is the place to go. The restaurant or bar is a great place to people watch while dining and enjoying some wine – plus, you never know who you’ll run into!

















Whoever said you can’t be a princess for a day obvi hasn’t been here. Between the palaces and gardens, you can bet you’ll leave with your phone’s battery dead. Don’t forget to grab some hot wine on your walk. Most recent celeb to be here? Ashley Benson. 

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The Louvre is on almost every Paris lover’s bucket list, and for good reason. The monument is stunning and a must-see for any tourist. Not only is the outside gorgeous, but the museum inside is just as perfect – and you can even take a selfie with the famous Mona Lisa.

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Champs Elysees 

Can we say obsessed? This area, which runs between the Place de la Concorde and the Place Charles de Gaulle, has a beautiful Christmas market during holiday time filled with food, wine, cheese, hot chocolate and anything else French you can dream of.

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Be sure to take a photo with the fountain and ferris wheel, find famous museums and shop till ya drop!  It’s known as “the most beautiful avenue in the world,” and once you see it, you’ll quickly learn why. Word to the wise: this is a very high traffic area for pick pocketers. Don’t allow anyone to talk you into anything and keep your belongings close to your side.

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Eiffel Tower

We don’t need to say much here. Visit the Eiffel Tower during the day and be sure to travel a few roads down to the Trocadero, where you’ll find a famous stop for fashion bloggers and photographers. You can also visit Champ de Mars and bring your own bottle of wine, French bread, cheese, and enjoy the perfect day. The Eiffel Tower is another area to watch for pick pocketers and scam artists.

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Le Deux Magots

Whether you want a coffee, croissant or croque monsier, this adorable cafe in St. Germain is the perfect place to rest your feet while visiting the famous area. Snap some adorable photos sipping on your drinks and cheers the day away.
















The “3 croissants and 1 crepe deep” face

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Rue Cler

The cutest streets you’ll ever see! It rarely has traffic and is loaded with shops and flower stands.

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Home of Moulin Rouge, tourist shops, bright colors, and cafes. You’ll be snapping like crazy – and pick up some great gifts for your friends, too.

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The Bar Hemingway

This place is cocktail heaven. You’ll walk down the stunning hallways of the Ritz Carlton into this historical place. It’s where Chanel passed away, and where Hemingway would drown in his drinks. Did we mention that Karl Lagerfeld is often spotted there – kind of a big deal! If you didn’t Instagram a photo visiting, where you even really here?

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