Everyone Is Freaking Out Over This Genius Urban Outfitters Halloween Costume

Urban Outfitters Halloween costume is pure f*cking genius.The company dove into their Instagram to come up with a trendy AF look. Instead of your typical cat or vampire outfit, Urban Outfitters Halloween costume that wins hands down is their “influencer,” getup

It contains dark grey leggins, platinum-blonde wig, black baseball hat, and a light grey sports bra. If you haven’t figured it out yet, it’s totally the look from the latest Yeezy launch that appeared on influencers across the board the day of the release.

The entire costume is well over $100 if you include the shoes, but we have to admit the concept was hilarious. The description reads, “Channel Instagram style in this low-key costume set worthy of a superstar influencer. ”

Let’s be real though. You probably already have all these pieces at home minus the wig, so don’t feel like you need to actually go out and purchase this look. But hey, at least it’s a costume you can wear all year long, right?

But what’s the best part about this costume release? That so many people are seeing it and totally don’t get it. One article stated that this costume was the look of high school bullies. Um, mam, you’re going to have to go fact check yourself, before you wreck yourself.

Anyone tha wasn’t in tune to the Yeezy campaign, is obvs totally lost. But hey, if you weren’t aware of that you probably do not GAF about our website. Other people claimed it was a music video girl, and that wasn’t even the worst accusation we saw.

Regardless, if you wear this we have full faith you hang with people who totally get it. We have to hand it to Urban Outfitters for doing this. We won’t be surprised if we see it all over the night of Halloween, but that’s how our IG looked the night Yeezy season 6 was released, right? Let’s make it happen! Shop it here.