Victoria’s Secret Annual Fashion Show is Headed to Paris

If you’ve ever wondered how Victoria’s Secret models have such voluminous and perfect hair, wonder no more. We’re convinced it comes down to the fact that “Victoria” is full of so many secrets, which are passed along to her models and stored in their hair, which then causes it to fully flourish, no matter the occasion. Fortunately, the brand’s latest secret was revealed on Tuesday by WWD. According to reports, the lingerie empire is, once again, going international for its annual fall fashion show.

Unlike in 2014, when the show was hosted in London, as an ode to its U.K. expansion, the models and the entire Victoria Secret team will be setting up shop in Paris, for the first time and just a few weeks after Paris Fashion Week. The show returned to New York, in 2015, for its 20th anniversary and has also taken on stages in Miami, Los Angeles and Cannes, France. Between the new class, the expectant angels and shows that equate the best things since the Olympics, we can’t wait wait to see which extravagant and over the top plans Victoria’s Secret has for their Parisian showcase. We’ll continue to update this space as more details are released so be sure to stay tuned!