VIDEO: Everything About These Celebs Reading Texts From Their Moms Is Amaze-balls

Even celebs can’t escape the “text from mom.”

Jimmy Kimmel’s latest experiment challenged celebrities to read some of their latest and greatest texts from their moms – and of course, they were hilarious af. For example check out what Anna Faris’ mom had to say.

“My dear Ani, I hope this doesn’t wake you. I just want you to know how proud your father and I are of you. As you know know we truly believe you are the greatest actress of your generation. We do someday hope you transition into dramatic work. I also woke up because I am worried you are not wearing enough sunscreen and taking the B-12 I got you from a Costco. I hope this doesn’t wake you. Please give Allison Janney our love and congratulations. No one deserves the Oscar more than her.”

Oh yeah, did we mention it was around 3am that she got that text.

Kristen Bell’s mom wanted to use her celeb status in order to win an Oscar contest – but hey, a mom has to get some of the perks of their child being famous, right?!

Check out more of the hilarious texts from both celebs, and Jimmy’s staff below. Happy Mother’s Day to all the mommas out there from WRUW!

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