VIDEO: In The Studio of Fast Fashion Season 4: Episode 9, Artist And Creative Producer, ‘Logik’ Julian Gilliam

In our latest episode of FFP behind the scenes, we caught up with one of our favorite creators, Julian Gilliam, also known as Logik. Julian is a visual artist, animator, photographer, and painter. We got to pick his brain and learn about the visions behind his art and creative projects, what influences him, and the amazing clients he’s worked with.

Getting to know Logik, and behind his name, was lots of fun! He gave us some insight on the fact that he has always been a true artist since he can remember, but it has been a long journey for him to find the aesthetic/style for his art. He recalls from childhood that whenever anything was put in front of him, knowing that he could make it better. Born in St. Louis, growing up in Ferguson, Logic moved to Chicago when he transferred to Columbia College during his junior year. Utilizing many different art forms to capture his work, painting being his prominent and animation being his favorite, he describes his art creations as “aspirational and uplifting propaganda,” that are meant to influence people around him. He touches on the many projects that led him to the world of advertising, starting as a freelancer, and working his way up to working as the art director for The Estate of Tupac Shakur, working with Nike, and finishing his first commercial. We found out what he thinks about the rapid change in technology, and how he keeps true to himself, as well as his art. Listen to our podcast with Logik and all our other amazing creatives, here.