VIDEO: Is It Possible To Get Rid Of Crusty Winter Lips? We Took The Challenge With DK&T

Get ready to add this to your makeup bag ASAP!

If you’re like us, you probably wake up every morning during winter wondering how the f*ck your lips are still chapped after loading them with chapstick the night before. It’s annoying as hell and let’s be real – is frustrating when trying to keep your make out game strong, or trying to capture that bomb selfie.


We put a lot of TLC in our hair and skincare – so why not our lips? If you love a good lippy you know you gotta keep your pucker as smooth as Kylie Jenner’s filled lips. Obviously, it’s a lot easier said than done – especially because we aren’t Kylie Jenner and are pretty poor after the holidays.


But because we’re WRUW and can’t get down with crusty lips (seriously, ew), we found a solution that still allows us to afford Starbucks, while keeping our lips soft.


This first-ever LipScrub Brush by a company called Do Kiss and Tell sent our girl Mary Mel, a woman who has to use her lips more than anyone during the podcast (uhh, pause), and the best part? They currently have a price special, meaning it’s now $24.99 instead of $39.99–not bad for a broke-and-bougie budget.


So what’s the overall verdict? Watch the video to find out – and probably get a few good laughs!