WATCH: Alex Joins Major Boss Babes For A Panel & Explains The Reality Of PR

The day that Alex has planned for is finally here! But how did it go?!

After weeks of planning, Alex and WRUW CEO Farissa Knox’s dreams come true of getting a talented group of ladies  together, as well as a  empowering audience in one location, for one night. The group had no problem dishing it all, talking about the reality of the PR world – both the highs, and the lows. From a lobster PR crisis, to lugging heavy things around all day, these women know the nitty gritty of the industry.

“You really have to learn to appreciate your smaller wins, because all those add up and help you achieve a bigger goal. Don’t overlook a smaller win. Then you also have your bigger wins,” explains Alex about her daily life.

But with seriousness comes fun- and wine, lots of wine – making the party another win for Alex.

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Check out if the panel went smoothly, and get career advice from this top notch panel, while nominating. And don’t forget see the full series HERE.