Ways To Sneak Alcohol Into Lollapalooza: Tested & Approved

So, you’re searching for ways to sneak alcohol into Lollapalooza. After all, we just spent loads of money on our weekend pass – the last thing we want to do is spend a ton on alcohol.

We all know they make drinks stupidly expensive at any music festival, and if you’re like us that are pros of Lollapalooza, you also know they weirdly run out of the only good alcohol (ew, so annoying).  Plus, standing in line and buying rounds for friends is just a pain to begin with.

So how can life be easier when it comes to alcohol at Lollapalooza? (Without sacrificing it completely and being sober Sally?)

We won’t mention any names, but last year, some of us risked our alcohol by attempting to sneak it in (DISCLAIMER: we are in no way of condoning this action – you are breaking rules and we will not be held responsible for what happens if you try our techniques!). To our surprise it totally worked and there wasn’t any issues at all when it came to going through our stuff and pat downs.

The little product that worked the best? Here are the greatest ways to sneak alcohol into Lollapalooza.

The tampon flask

Pack as many as these can because trust us, they are worth EVERY DIME. No one is going to want to tell you to unwrap a tampon or do it themselves. (Unless they’re really weird or have the wrappers memorized to a t, which would also be strange AF – but we won’t say it can’t happen). We loaded ours with vodka. Then, we bought lemonade or a drink (which is WAY cheaper than alcohol) and poured it in. Save the flask and do it all over again the next day.

The iPhone flask

We loved this, too. However, the tampon flasks were much easier to know how much was poured and easier to fill. Either way, it will definitely hide your alchy and get you in safe and sound … and buzzed.