3 Ways To Transition Your Thigh High Boots To Summer

Thigh high boots were definately the must-have for fall and winter, but don’t store them away just yet. Celebrities like Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid and Zara Larrson have all sported the shoes with warm weather outfits, making them look extra hot.

We know – summer is humid, sweaty and the last thing you want to happen is get stuck in your oversized boot. But when done correctly (and in air conditioning, and you have the greatest bestie or bf ever to help you pull them off at the end of the day), you’ll see that the shoes are totally worth wearing for the season. Whether suede or leather, lace up or zipped, thigh high boots are made for walking right into summer. Check out three easy ways to transition the boot into this season’s wardrobe.


Rompers are a summer staple. They’re perfect when you have to be ready in a snap because they take two seconds to throw on, yet give you a polished put-together-look (even though you totally overslept and were supposed to be at brunch 5 mins ago). Take it up a notch and give your summer jumpsuit some edge by pairing it with your thigh highs. It’ll make the one-piece more fun, and still shows off your summer sunkissed legs!


Jean shorts

Pairing denim shorts with OTK boots give you a laidback yet sultry outfit. It’s an easy way to make your tee go from boring to glam. Plus, on a day you forgot to shave, it can be a total life saver. Don’t believe us? Just take a look at Ciara’s lit style below.

Flowy dress

The perfect season combo is femininity and edge. A flowy dress mixed with thigh highs creates one killer look perfect for date night – we can assure you that you won’t get ghosted after they see you in this pair.