We Finally Know The Exact Pencil Frida Kahlo Used For Her Flawless Brows

Frida Kahlo has always made sure her eyebrow game was just as strong as her.
According to The Guardian,  The Victoria & Albert Museum is showing off more than 200 of Frida’s personal items that include clothes, prosthetic leg, jewelry, makeup – and yes, her iconic pencil she used for those fab brows. This is the first time her beauty info has been revealed.
Claire Wilcox, the exhibition’s co-curator explained, “This is the real material evidence of the way Kahlo constructed her identity.”
Kahlo’s brand of choice may or may not surprise you. She loved Revlon makeup, in which she used their lipstick (shade called “Everything’s Rosy), blush, nail file and their eyebrow pencil. While now of it is around today, we’re sure the brand’s latest pencils can give you the same bad ass look.
“She was taking control,” said Wilcox. “She was subjected to wearing these very uncomfortable corsets in order to support her back and I think she just wanted to take possession of them.”
“Being Frida, it’s quite – if it’s possible – a joyful object. She has clad it in a bright red leather boot and had it embroidered and tied bells on to it. It is so powerful and it is very exciting that these objects were saved and they are coming to the V&A.”
With Frida’s timeless appeal, we’re sure everyone will fill their brows in and want to go check it out.