We Flash Like That — Recognize We’re Baaaaack.

“When it comes to style, one woman’s ‘what is she wearing?’ is another woman’s inspiration.” – via Elle Magazine

After an insanely busy and successful 2014 and beginning of 2015, we can finally announce that we’re baaaaaaaaack! We’ve been going through fashion rehab for the past few months, tending to WhatRUWearing as Kanye often tends to Kim’s closet, in order to ensure that we are best serving the needs of WhatRUWearing girls just like YOU, as well as providing you with leading fashion-related content. Although we made the decision to cut ties with the WhatRUWearing that many of you once knew and loved, we are SO excited to premier the NEW WhatRUWearing that will serve as your #1 source for online fashion inspiration.

Now that WhatRUWearing has taken on a life of its own and is flexing some serious fashion muscle, we are most excited to share the birth of our new interactive mobile app and fashion showcase, which encourages users to post their most on fleek outfits, browse the looks of their fellow style-obsessed trend setters and legitimately wants to know “what are you wearing?” In addition to an updated interface, the app comes with completely new features, such as the “my closet” function, which allows users to virtually catalogue their personal looks and store inspiration from other WRUW girls with a simple tap of the hanger. And if you really want to make your favorite stylista’s day – tape the “xoxo” icon to let her know that queens, indeed, do see queens and that you love her style!

WhatRUWearing is the fierce fashion forum that every girl needs as it provides an intimate space for conversation on all things related to fashion and personal style. Regardless of if you were shooting with us in the gym or you’ve recently discovered WhatRUWearing, we welcome you into our innovative fashion community and encourage you to hop on our bandwagon and let your style do the talking.