We Randomly Found The Most Awesome Drugstore Dupe

When it comes to our skincare and makeup, we’re usually down to dish out the dough for a good product. But when we find something that’s nearly identical to one of our favorites, we can’t help but want to tell the world.

I saw Wet N Wild’s Photo Focus foundation at a local CVS, and it lured me in. The bottle looked like a more expensive brand and promised it was tested under seven different photo lighting conditions to make you look camera-ready. Those include:

  • Clear Blue Sunlit Sky
  • Outdoors PM
  • Indoors PM
  • Electronic Flash
  • Fluorescent Light
  • Bathroom Light
  • Nightclub Light

For a rough $6, I was sold on trying it out. When I opened the bottle, I didn’t expect it to be so thin and runny. I was a little nervous to put it on my skin because I was use to thicker textures. However when I put it on, it blended very easily with a makeup spong or brush. It wasn’t cakey and felt extremely lightweight.

I was impressed with its flawless finish and it managed to stay on for 7 hours … oh yeah, did I mention it was during Lollapalooza?! Overall, I thought it was so worth it and give it an A.  In comparison, it reminded me of Makeup Forever’s Ultra Hd makeup. It had the same coverage and there was really no difference in the two. If you are looking for a dupe to Makeup Forever, I would give this a go!