We Wish Every Fashion Video Was Like Cardi B’s: WATCH ???

Okay seriously, it’s impossible not to love this girl.

Cardi B has gone from Louboutins to Steven Madden – and we’re not mad about it – because we can actually afford these sick babies. The rapper has created a line with the brand that feature essentia and sexy pairs you definately need for the season. But that’s not even the best part.

Cardi B created a video to promote the shoes, and it’s probaly the most amazing thing we’ve seen.

Quotes include (but are not limited to):
“Alright, motherf*ckers! Now, every woman needs to have a pointy shoe. If I button this shirt, I could wear this to a business meeting but I could wear this to the club.”

“I’m just gonna keep it real, right? I look rich as hell (’cause I am). You could look rich too, because look at these boots. They Steve Madden, bitch.”

“You know what makes a outfit? A good, poppin-ass shoe. Who don’t like pink? P*ssy-poppin’ pink.”

“Alright y’all, so now I’m giving you cute, sexy, daytime vibes. Right now white boots are in style, and they made in the USA.”

“These are called the Wifey. It’s not the type of shiny, but it’s like, ‘Oh my God, what? Why her shoes so shiny? She think she in da club, like damn, we only going to brunch!’

Now stop reading the quotes and actually watch the video – and get ready to laugh. Cardi B – we love you.