How To Wear A Choker No Matter What Your Age

The choker trend made a major comeback from the ’90s in 2016, and it appears it’s not going any where any time soon. If you find yourself asking “am I too old for the choker trend?” you are not alone. Sure, you might not be Kendall Jenner or Gigi Hadid’s age, but there are still lots of ways you can wear the trend in an appropriate matter. But how do you wear it and get away with it without looking like you’re in denial of your birthdate? Follow our WRUW suggestions, and you’re sure to nail the trend with no regrets.

Keep It Thin

Sometimes in the fashion world, less really is more. Find a soft and dainty choker and pair it with a blouse, blazer or your go-to date night dress. You’ll look sophisticated and classy, meaning you can add something a little more fashion-forward without causing lots of attention.

Make It Match

A choker doesn’t have to stand out. Making it monochromatic will tame the trend, making you look extremely put together while stylish. If you’re wearinng a black blouse, wear a black choker. Match your necklace with your top for a non-screaming ’90s kid look.

Make A Statement

If you’re trying to avoid looking like someone who is ready to enter an BDSM dungeon, this one is for you. Whether you wear it with a simple tee or an elegant evening gown, an embellished or statement choker lets you be a part of the trend, while being comfortable at the same time.

Wear It With A Jacket

A jacket has a high neck-line, so a choker will that extra-something without making someone do a double take. From wool to leather, this look will do no wrong no matter what your digits are. We suggest sticking with a neutral color.