How To Don The Corset Trend Without Looking Weird

Alright, at first we hated it, and we mean, seriously, hated it! But the more we see it, the more we are totally obsessing over the corset trend. Now that we love it, how do we wear it without our friends asking us, “WTF are you wearing?” 

Have no fear, just because your not Kim Kardashian or Kendal Jenner doesn’t mean you can’t pull the look off. It’s all about layering .. the RIGHT way. Follow our style guide and find out how to look Marie Antoinette chic and less tacky.

Wear a shirt version

If you’re not ready to fully jump into the trend, keep it simple! Find a shirt that offers a corset-like vibe and fake it until you make it.

Black Extreme Sleeve Corset Funnel Neck Sweater, $45

Find a built-in version

Adding a waist-cincher to your ensemble takes some practice, skill and totally sucks when you have to go to the bathroom. Go fool-proof by getting a dress that already contains a corset on it. Plus, you’ll spend more time having fun and less time lacing up!

Black slinky corset detail bodycon dress, $45

Copy the exact ensemble of a celebrity

Always channel your creativity in the fashion world, but when it comes to looking good in fashion forward trends, sometimes imitating is flattering. Copy a celebrity’s outfit or put your own spin on it, and obvs you’ll look amazing.

White corset oversized dress, $36

Make it be the statement piece

Find one brightly colored, textured or stands out and put it over something super simple.Take notes from Kylie below and get ready for the hour-glass figure.

White shirt with detachable corset, $54

Wear a bustier, instead

You don’t have to find a lace-up piece. A bustier will give you the same look with corset panels, giving you the same hold and sexy shape.

Paper dolls lace midi dress, $37