These Weird Jeans Are The Cheekiest Trend We’ve Seen Yet

If you’ve ever wanted to show off your bare butt while still wearing jeans, here’s your chance.

Fashion label Vetements created bare butt jeans, and we’re sure at least one celebrity out there will wear them. The brand has been spotted on huge celebs like Kendall Jenner and Rihanna, but we personanlly think this one might be for Kim Kardashian. The label gave a sneak peek of their Vetements X Levi’s collection on April 11, showing off the extremely interesting pants. The denim pants feature zippers down the back and butt, allowing you to uncover whatever you have under there (or don’t) when needed. If you saw this on IG already, you probably had a serious WTF moment like us.

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If for some reason you love the pants and the idea of them, you are not alone. As Glamour reported, people commented on the IG pic stating they needed and wanted these strange jeans. Hey, skinny jeans were kind of weird at first too, right?

Unfortunately, even if you wanted to wear these, you’ll have to give up multiple Ubers and trips to Starbucks because they cost over a whopping $1,800. So as some Instagrammers suggested, you may want to simply cut up a pair you already own to save you the bucks and bare it all. Which celeb do you think will be caught wearing the piece?