What Helmut Lang Did On Their Runway Was Dope AF ???

Hell yeah – the world of fashion is getting more and more diverse – and this is some pretty awesome proof.

For Shayne Oliver’s collection for brand Helmut Lang, casting directors did something totes amaze, which made dreams come true for all those who were at the right place, righ time. Samuel Ellis and Walter Pearce skipped the modeling calls and went straight to the streets to look for someone great enough to pull off Oliver’s vision – complete strangers.

What exactly were the requirements?

Diversity – young, old, all races, all cultural backgrounds – and a model crew that didn’t have the most followers ???. There was Henry Mosto, who stated he had class the next day, and the beautiful curly red head named Georgia Moot who people STILL are talking about (because seriously, look at her).

Of course, there were some familar runway OG’s, including Missy Rayder, Kirsten Owen, transmodel Sophia Lamar (who is a stunning 62-years-old) and Danielle Zinaich. 

Either way, we couldn’t get enough of their beautiful runway – and we don’t mean just the clothes. Take a look at some photos below, brough to you by Vogue.