What Your Date Night Outfit Should Be Based On Your Zodiac Sign

It’s almost cuffing season, but we reccomend you get a head start – sometimes it takes weeks to weed out the f**# boys. Let’s be real, you have to leave a good first impression in order for them to not get back on Bumble and start swiping out of control. So what #ootn will go best with your Sun sign? Stop stressing, keep away from the Xanax, and let’s get the right look for you in order to get the right babe for the season.

Aries – A Midi Dress

Anything an Aries wears is going to perfect and flawless. They aren’t into the messy outside the lines kind of thing, and when they dress their best, they make sure they dress their damn best. A midi is perfect for any occasion from a bar to a fancy dinner and also allows you to be as simple as you can with your born leader, perfectionist personality. If your date didn’t compliment your outfit, you’d be pissed AF – and a midi totes guarantees he will.

Taurus – Jumpsuit

Taurus babes are stubborn, which means you want to wear something that no one else has on, while looking luxurious at the same time. Not everyone can pull off a jumpsuit, but some how, Taurus gals can carry it well. Whether you add kicks for a casual night or heels to glam it up, jumpsuit is definately your calling.


Gemini – Thigh Highs

Gemini like change and they like to chat – a lot. Meaning, you want your outfit to be the topic on convo. Whether it’s a story on why you’re wearing it, where you got it from, or something funny that happened last time you wore it – you will want to talk about it. Thigh highs always bring up conversation and are perfect for looking sexy but not revealing it all.

Cancer – A Classic Staple

As a Cancer, you’re all about being a classy but far from basic betch. You are extremely good at investing in staples and knowing how to wear them. Whether you go for a blouse style or a white button up, you love a classy style with a little wild card thrown in like a leather jacket or statement heels.

Leo – French Girl

Leo is pretty much the Blake Lively of the group – you’re just cool, so your clothes are just as cool without looking like you try too hard – which equals French girl style. You’re boho preppy chic and have no problem being girly or tomboyish. A flowy dress is your fav go-to for meeting out for date night.

Virgo – Off The Shoulder

As a Virgo, you’re a little, so you like to leave a little mystery while looking hot AF. An off the shoulder top or dress is perfect at making you look like the subtle flirt you are. You prefer when they come to you, and wearing this is sure to keep them wondering and wanting more.


Libra – Faux Fur Vest

Libras love luxury and love to feel and look like it, too. They’re gentle and soft, so it only makes sense for you to go out in something cozy and just as warm as your personality. Pair it with trousers, a dress or jeans with heels for one slaying style.

Scorpio – Sheer

As a Scorpio, you love to be the sexiest of your friends, and it’s no different on your date. You want to be sure they sense your sex appeal and are a firm believer in if you got it, flaunt it. Whether it’s a bodysuit, LBD or blouse, sheer paneling won’t leave you lonely!

Sagittarius – Lace

As a sagittarious, your passionate and loyal and vibrant. You don’t enjoy wearing the same outfit twice – in fact you completely dread it. You save your special pieces for special nights. You love lace because of it’s classy and kind of like champagne – you always need it just in case of a big event. Lace pulls off all the stops – and hopefully won’t stop you from getting a second date.

Capricorn – Leather or Vinyl Pants

As a Cap, you love looking amazing but also want ZERO fashion malfuntions to happen. You want a fun outfit that also is practical for the night and if it gets spilled on – it’ll totes be okay. Leather and vinyl pants are your goto over a dress, because you don’t want to risk any Marilyn Monroe moents.

Aquarius – Minimalism

Aquarians are all about that aesthetic vibe and DGAF attitude. Simplicity comes off clean cut and beautiful to you and looks low key yet glamorous. Sticking to neutrals makes you feel most comfortable and allows your personality to come out and not have your clothes overshadow.


Pisces – Millennial Pink

Pisces are full of love and emotions, so wearing the “it” color is like literally wearing your heart on your sleeve. Its soft and gentle color is just like your spirit, and totally compliments the pinot grigio you’ll be drinking.