Go Behind The Scenes And See How WhatRUWearing Is Glamorizing Inclusion

On a warm Saturday, the team of WhatRUWearing met on a mission. A mission in hopes to demand inclusion in the fashion and creative world. The campaign founder and CEO, Farissa Knox had a vision – but not just any vision.

Knox wanted to show how beautiful an inclusive shoot is with her own employees – all who come from different backgrounds, are different ages, shapes and sizes. They are all perfectly different.

To celebrate inclusion, they came up with #ReflectMeLike, which pledges to highlight diversity and acknowledges our responsibility as content creators to be inclusive.

“It is the beginning of a new era,” told Knox. “The era in which it is no longer a big deal, or even something to be celebrated that all types of people, women, men, transgender and everyone else, sees reflections of themselves in the art, content and entertainment we, as the media, produce.”

The WhatRUWearing team collaborated by finding iconic magazine covers, and planning an entire shoot around them. It took weeks of planning, but they hit the ground running. They arrived at a studio early in the morning with a creative team, who styled and shot the vision. From Teletubbies and homemade costumes, they didn’t miss a beat.

Photographer: Alyssa Pagels and Glo Minor
MUA: Krystyna Williams
Stylist: Anna P.
Graphic Designer: Jamaal Williams

For the WRUW team, it’s important to show just how amazing and stunning an inclusive shoot looks like in the pages of the magazine or on your computer screen. A lot of time, you only see inclusion for a special feature – it should be the norm, because it is the norm. Beautiful is not just one look.

After the studio, the crew hit the beach on Lake Michigan right at sunset, where they stretched out their legs and muse, and were their creative and playful selves. With all that is happening in today’s world, the campaign made a statement. We are all different, we have our differences, but that’s what makes every single human so flawless and gorgeous.

It was finally a wrap, but the work was long from over. The team then had to recreate editorial content for their magazine cover, match the style of wording, and plan an entire event to reveal the secret they would be holding for the next several weeks. After massive hard work and of course, close attention to even the tiniest details, it was time to reveal the secret.

You can see the final products and campaign, here. Check out behind the scenes photos below.