WhatRUWearing Employees Recreate Iconic Magazine Covers With New Inclusion Campaign

WhatRUWearing is taking a stand. The fashion and creative world have a long way to go when it comes to inclusion and we’re here to start paving the way.

As a creative minded company that is unapologetic in voicing our opinions on important and provocative topics, we demand inclusion in the creative and fashion world. Our team, which includes Farissa Knox, Mary Melnikov, Staci Wuokko, Rashima Sampson and Gabriela Irizarry, are all women made of different backgrounds.

To celebrate inclusion, we created #ReflectMeLike, which pledges to highlight diversity and acknowledges our responsibility as content creators to be inclusive.

Tonight (August 16), we brought the campaign to life by highlighting some of the most iconic magazines, and paying homage to the influential female pop culture superstars who have graced the covers. Founder and CEO, Farissa Knox explained, “It is the beginning of a new era. The era in which it is no longer a big deal, or even something to be celebrated that all types of people, women, men, transgender and everyone else, sees reflections of themselves in the art, content and entertainment we, as the media, produce.”

“(#)ReflectMeLike means we, as content consumers, are done letting other people show us our reflection from their perspective. Our ultimate goal is to create, produce and offer content that everyone can see themselves in.”

The event featured the women of WhatRUWearing in a museum-like, chic showcase at the company’s headquarters. Each attraction featured an employee on a cover of a magazine, recreating the most iconic magazine covers from some of the biggest female celebrities in the world. The original magazines were also on display.

Farissa Knox posed as Beyoncè for DT Spain, Mary Melnikov served as Kate Moss for Vogue Paris, Staci Wuokko was Britney Spears for Rolling Stone, Rashima Sampson as Tyra Banks for Sports Illustrated, and Gabriela Irizarry recreated Salma Hayek’s Harper’s Bazaar cover. Each magazine cover’s words were switched with cheeky quotes and editorial content that represented WhatRUWearing and us as a whole. Our ongoing campaign, recognizes the beauty of people, and the art, impact and creativity of magazines in the print heyday, while embracing the future of digital content.

The event was full of tons of photo opportunities. One wall had powerful quotes and allowed others to write on it. A mirror with the hashtag was presented for flawless selfies. If that wasn’t enough, there were five different colored cocktails, each representing one of the celebrities with a witty description. The drink titles included, Lemonade, Sex and Cigs, Smize, The Frida and Toxic.

As a publication thriving in the digital age, we are returning the true essence of physical magazines: novelty and shock value. With this approach, we strive to evoke the same feeling of excitement within our audience that we would have when seeing our own favorite celebrity on a cover for the first time, without any social media spoilers prior. Our team had to go to large heights to ensure no word of the project got out or leaked to social media.

“Back when magazines were our primary source of content, there was no sneak peeks with social media. You had to buy the magazine and it was the whole experience that was thrilling. I think everyone can remember their first magazine they bought and the experience they had reading it,” explained Knox.


A behind the scenes video played, showcasing all what went into the main event. From bikinis and fancy costumes, to makeup and stage sets, the clip gave an extended look at what all went down at the photo shoots.

As we mentioned before, WhatRUWearing is demanding inclusion. The good news is Vogue and others are recognizing the need. The WhatRUWearing team is ready to help carry the torch.

Take a look at the final images below …