Behind the Scenes with WhatRUWearing x Fast Fashion

Over the past year, WhatRUWearing has transformed into a digital community where our audience has been invited and encouraged to capture and share their personal and their friends’ most fashionable and chic moments, seamlessly. There have also been many opportunities to gain inspiration from other like minded style mavens and further discover who you want to be, as it relates to your career path and style evolution. All great style moments, however, need more than just a 10 second Snapchat or seemingly short lived vibrant image on Instagram or even the WhatRUWearing app, to truly come to life and remain memorable. Take J.Lo for instance, with her infamous green Versace dress from the 42nd annual Grammy Awards in 2000. That dress not only inspired Google Images, but as avid red carpet consumers, we were able to watch her on tv and wonder how something of so little fabric was sticking to her curves sans slip. Or consider any outfit from the Met Gala. While some have certainly been more memorable than others (ie: Rihanna’s yellow number in 2015), we first fell in love with our favorite looks while watching our favs sashay down the red carpet to speak to Ryan Seacrest and Giuliana Rancic. By viewing red carpet specials, we also are able to get an “exclusive” look at what’s going down behind the scenes at some of our favorite celebrity filled events, which we wouldn’t be able to see otherwise. Shoutout to technology, though, for allowing us to feel like we’re up, close and personal at each show.

Until now, these are some of the memories that have been missing from the WhatRUWearing community, which is why we’re thrilled to announce that fact that we’ve gone completely digital. That’s right, we’ve added video to our growing list of platforms with the creation of a YouTube channel and more specifically, a behind the scenes show, of sorts, displaying what happens in the studio as we tape our Fast Fashion podcast experience. While viewing these episodes, you’ll gain exclusive access from what happens from the minute we leave WhatRUWearing’s HQ to the conversations we have with Mary, our sound tech. These videos will be released, in conjunction, with each podcast so be sure to subscribe to our channel so that you’re always in the know. And for your viewing pleasure, check out our first behind the scenes episode, below, featuring Kristine Steiner, Chicago’s top fashion illustrator.