What’s Your BTS Agenda?

With the back-to-school season in full swing, it’s time to start planning what you’ll need to purchase before your fall semester commences! In our opinion, one of the most stylish accessories you can have, besides from what you’re wearing, is an agenda book. And most of the time, girls are picking a planner specific to their personalities, interests or personal styles without even knowing it! Scroll through our picks and discover what your BTS Agenda is!

Ban.do Agenda: These are for our girls who speak up in class – the bold, fearless ones. Not only does Ban.do have the best planners, they also have all of your BTS gear ranging from notebooks and pencil pouches, to headphones and coffee mugs.


Kate Spade Agenda: You know a “Kate Spade” girl when you see one. She’s classic, colorful, and timeless but with a twist. For the WhatRUWearing Girl’s who live by Kate’s infamous “Live Colorfully” slogan, any of these agenda books will look great in your bag (and we’re sure with whatever you’re wearing)!

Lilly Pulitzer Agenda: Similar to a KS girl, Lilly Pulitzer lovers appreciate a great color scheme but prefer more unique and “out there” patterns. With Lilly serving as a popular staple in more than a few stores, we think this type of girl may be our most common out of the bunch!

Target Agenda: These are for the last-minute girls. School has started, you have a million things to remember and you haven’t made the time to pick up a planner pre-welcome week. So, what do you do? You head to Target, per usual, for a quick find! And by the looks of these planners, “last-minute” may not be a bad thing!

Sarah Pinto: These are for the girl who has her life together but doesn’t require anything overly flashy to succeed. Their reasonable prices and cute prints are perfect for any girl looking for something to simply get the job done!

Urban Outfitters: This one’s for our carefree girls! These planners fit the breezy, laid back mantra. Although they’re not labeled in any sort of way, they allow you to write down what you need to know. And hey, what else does a carefree girl need, anyways?

Erin Condren: If you’re not already that girl, we can all attest to having that one friend who labels every single thing and has extreme OCD. Nonetheless, if organization is key in your life, you’ll want to snag one of these agendas asap! Erin Condren offers personalized planners, planners for addresses, wedding planners, lesson planners, and even interchangeable covers. And if one of these doesn’t satisfy your organizational needs, you might want to look into getting a personal assistant.