Whoa: This App Tells You If Your Skincare Products Are Doing Their Jobs

The thing about beauty products? Usually the ones that work the best are the most expensive – totally draining our bank accounts. More importantly, how do we even know if our $100 moisturizer is working? Thanks to technology, there’s a way easier way than just guessing and staring at your face for hours.

There’s a skin diary app called YouCam Makeup, and it’s legit. All you need to do is to take a selfie, and it locates sun and age spots, your skin’s texture, wrinkles and dark circles. It’s super easy to use, but you must use it in the same place and lighting every time – bathroom is always an easy place to do this!

Once you begin using a product, take photos over time and see if your score changes. If your score consistantly gets higher, than your products are doing their job – phew! Hey, we love a good excuse to take a selfie every day, but when it’s beneficial for our beauty – even better!