Whoa: This Bra Could Save You From A Sexual Assault

One American is sexually assaulted every 98 seconds, but thanks to this new bra, we might be able to have a better way of protection.

The undergarment contains a small sticker that is able to sense forceful touch. The bra is called Intrepid, and it was created by scientists at MIT and researched by Manisha Mohan, who invented it due to her own experience as a college student in India.

“Female students on campus were not allowed to work beyond certain hours. You were expected to be back in your dorm by 6:30 pm,” Mohan said. “Instead of asking them to remain indoors I think we should provide more safety for them.”

So how could it save you from a sexual assault? If it senses force, the owner of the bra will get a notification asking on their phone if they consent. The device learns how you normally take off your clothes, easily knowing what’s normal and what’s not. If they don’t respond within a certain time, a loud alarm will go off. Pretty amazing, right?

But that’s not all. It will also send five people your location and begin recording audio. Can we say, brilliant?

The sticker can be worn on any part of clothing and isn’t just for women – it’s for everyone’s safety.