Whoop Whoop: Meghan Markle Attending This Event With Boo Prince Harry

But more importanlty … what will she be wearing?!

Prince Harry will start his Invictus Games in Toronto at the end of the month, and GF Meghan Markle is expected to be there to show her boo some extra TLC.

According to People, Markle will be there in her hometown of Toronto, making it only the second public event they’ve ever attended together – or at least that that was caught by the paparazzi. The last time the two were spotted at an event was during Harry’s charity polo match, where Meghan cheered him on in the cutest way ever, and gave him a smooch after he left the field.

Things are still getting pretty serious with the two. They recently visited Queen Elizabeth’s Scottish home – no word if he actually introduced her to the Queen or not, but our bets are on y-e-s.

Did we mention Harry turns 33 Friday? We can only imagine what kind of adorable thing Meghan has in store for the royal – plus she’s cool AF so you know it’s gonna be an awesome bday for the red head.

But alright you two, lets get another royal wedding up in this hood soon – the world is ready for it.