You Won’t Believe What Victoria’s Secret Did To Their Models

Victoria’s Secret models are getting something that has never happened in Victoria’ Secret runway history. Usually, the babes of the brand sit in hair and makeup for grueling hours, while donning their signature pink robes – but not this time around.

For 2016’s show, the label is ditching weaves, hair extensions and wigs. Maria Borges started the movement, being the first model to ever walk the runway with her natural hair. It’s about time, if you ask the WRUW team.

“I told my agent I wanted to walk in the Victoria’s Secret show with my natural hair,” Borges told “I was nervous, but I had to do it. When they said ‘yes’ I didn’t expect it, but I was so happy!”

Not only was she happy, but she looks daaamn good, too.

According to Refinery 29, hair stylist Sarah Potempa says all 51 women will be keeping the closest thing to their natural locks.

“We want to embrace everyone’s natural beauty,” said Potempa. “We’re giving a carefree approach to the length and type of curl. Some women with shorter hair, maybe a lob, will walk with that hair. We’re not gonna add extensions to make it super-long. And if someone has short hair on the side or a tight haircut, we’re not gonna put a wig on or put extensions on their head. We’re gonna embrace it. There are 51 women, and we’re gonna make them feel their most beautiful.”

What could be in the future? No makeup? No more push-ups? We’re all for embracing the girl power and can’t wait to see what do’s each model confidently carries with their sexy ensemble.

VS tapes the show in Paris today (Nov. 30), and airs on television December 5, where you can see Borges TWA and the rest of the model’s sexy looks. Cheers to another step forward in natural beauty!